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U.S.-China relations and Their Impact on the Global Order to 2035


This report represents the output of a project that included convening a Scenario Team composed of former government officials, retired military officers, and experts from research institutes and think tanks from the United States and China; one-on-one interviews of each of them; a fourday in-person workshop held in Bangkok (with the logistics supported by the Scenario Thailand Foundation); and then a four-month online process of collective editing. While the scenarios are the result of careful attention and deliberation, not every participant agrees with all of the details in this document, nor do these scenarios represent the views of the organizing and funding institutions.

The report was written in English and translated as closely as possible into Chinese, with edits throughout the drafting process from both Chinese and English Scenario Team members (many of whom were bilingual). This process highlighted many areas where the language used is itself a point of contention. Our approach to this is to attempt to acknowledge where language is disputed, avoiding taking a position on which term to use, but privileging the preferred wording used in each language. This section is intended to briefly introduce the decisions made from this perspective.

In the case of certain geographical place names and in relation to a few highly sensitive areas, we have included both Chinese and English versions separated by a slash mark. In the English version, the preferred U.S. term is printed first; in the Chinese version, the Chinese term is printed first.

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Preventing strategic misinterpretation between China and the U.S.: a critical reflection on the semantics of

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