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Research on Security Crisis Management between China and South Korea


Grandview Institution set up the Research Team on China-South Korea Military and Security Crisis Management and commissioned them to do relevant studies, thanks to the sponsorship of the Korea Foundation. By widely listening to the opinions of experts from domestic think tanks and relevant functional departments, and holding dialogues with South Korean researchers, the research team first identified the military and security risks that may confront China and South Korea, then explored ways to strengthen crisis management mechanism between the two countries, and ultimately came up with this research report.


The report is composed of five chapters: the evolution of the theory and practice of international security crisis management, case studies of China and South Korea's security crisis management, internal and external factors affecting China and South Korea's security crisis management, possible scenarios of military crises between China and South Korea, and policy recommendations, which are organized from theory to history, from the status quo to the future possibilities, and concluded with the policy recommendations on how to strengthen the military and security crisis management between the two countries.


It is hoped that the research results will be taken seriously by the governments and strategic researchers of both countries, so that China-ROK military and security crises can be well managed. It is also hoped that the paper will contribute to the stabilization of China-South Korea relations through the prevention and control of the crises. 

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