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Muhammad Naseem Khan Achakzai


Muhammad Naseem Khan Achakzai comes from Political family in the province of Balochistan in Pakistan. He has done his Master’s in Public Administration and Bachelors of Arts with Majors in Sociology. He until recently served as Advisor to the Speaker (Chairman) of Balochistan Provincial Parliament where he managed all international and diplomatic communications and strategic engagements on behalf of the Provincial Parliament. He also represented the Office of Speaker at different high-level conferences within Pakistan and abroad. His other Government position before becoming Advisor was with the Chief Minister of Balochistan Province focused on Youth and Sustainable Development Goals.Naseem got the honor of being the youngest member nominated and selected for the prestigious and high-level National Security Workshop. National Security Workshop is a 5 weeks capstone endeavor of the Pakistan National Defense University. The scope of the workshop is to study evolving dimensions of international, regional and domestic environment, identify drivers of change and understand the impact of different policy initiatives on the security of Pakistan.Naseem has served as the Youngest Executive Director at the University of Lahore where he founded and managed two Think Tanks. The first named as Center for Sustainability Research and Practice and the Second Think Tank focused on Policy research named as Bolan Development and Policy Research Institute. Naseem from these platforms has worked closely with Members of the Provincial Parliament of Balochistan, Members of the National Parliament and the Senate of Pakistan. He has participated in Minister Level policy dialogs and also as a policy speaker in high level conferences in Russia, China, Afghanistan, UAE, Europe and Central Asia.Naseem has been frequently interviewed on both National and International media especially by CGTN, CCTV in China on Belt and Road Initiative and Voice of America on regional issues.Naseem under his Youth portfolio started the series of the First ever Pakistan China Youth Conclave in Gwadar, Balochistan and also the International Youth Summit series which was Pakistan's largest International Youth Summit series.Currently he is the Executive Director for Pakistan of the Grandview Institution, China.