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About GVI

About us

Grandview Institution’s philosophy is that a high level of mutual understanding in the international community is the key to promoting efficient and effective global governance. Therefore, while objective, forward-looking, in-depth, and practical researches are fundamental to Grandview’s development as an independent think tank, people-to-people exchanges are as indispensable.

In the spirit of pragmatism, Grandview has gradually established a global network of research fellows and a global network of think tanks respectively to regularly meet for small-scale and in-depth discussions and debates and collaborate on joint research projects. To achieve the best possible outcomes in contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness in global governance, Grandview has decided to invest its very best resources on the following areas of studies: Global Maritime Governance, International Law of Military Operations on the Sea, Belt and Road Initiative, Borderland Governance, Sino-U.S. Relations, Sino-European Relations, the Korean Peninsula, and Russia & Central Asia.

So far, by adopting interdisciplinary approaches and actionable data, the network of over a hundred renowned scholars, government officials, senior journalists, and business leaders has produced independent research projects, periodicals, data analysis and more that provided highly recognized research support and policy recommendations to China’s Central Government agencies such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce. Grandview’s clients also include private sectors and local governments of Beijing, Chongqing, Guangdong Province, Guangxi Province, Fujian Province, and Jiangsu Province among others, whose development planning and industrial development have benefited from Grandview’s studies.

As we further expand the two global networks that connect all those relevant with one another, more international dialogues will take place in addition to our five existing dialogue series: Sino-U.S. Relations Dialogue Series; Sino-European Relations Dialogues Series, Grandview-ASEAN Think Tank Dialogue Series, Global Maritime Governance Dialogue Series, and Belt-and-Road-Country Cooperation and Development Dialogue Series.

Founded in 2013, Grandview Institution has become one of the leading independent think tanks in China.

Disclaimer: Grandview is purely independent and thus under no circumstances shall Grandview be considered to be associated or affiliated with any governmental agencies. Its research outcomes do not serve the interests or purposes of any governments. Grandview generates income by providing contract research to governments, consulting services, database building, and receiving generous donations from private companies and individuals.