LYU Jinghua
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Lyu Jinghua is no longer with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Lyu Jinghua was a visiting scholar with Carnegie’s Cyber Policy Initiative. Her research focuses primarily on cybersecurity and U.S.-China defense relations.

Lyu is a retired colonel from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. Her research includes Asia-Pacific security issues, China’s defense policy, U.S.-China military to military relations with an emphasis of cybersecurity issues.

Before retirement in 2016, Lyu worked as a research fellow at the Center on China-America Defense Relations, Academy of Military Science of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. She was also a senior fellow at the Pangoal Institution, one of the most influential public policy think tanks in China.

She has written extensively on cybersecurity and cyber conflict in Chinese journals and newspapers, including China Military Science (Zhongguo Junshi Kexue), International Review, Military Art Journal (Junshi Xueshu), and the PLA Daily.