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Spanish Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Diego Martínez Belío and His Entourage visit GVI


Grandview Institution 2024.06.27 19:18 Beijing


On June 27, 2024, Diego Martínez Belío, Spain's Secretary of State for Foreign and Global Affairs, Marta Betanzos, Spanish Ambassador to China, María Luisa Benítez-Donoso, Director of the Office of the Secretary of State, Guillermo Anguera, Deputy Director of Department of South and East Asia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain; Julio Herráiz, Minister of Spain in China, visited GVI, where they had a dialogue with Ren Libo, President of GVI, Zhang Tuosheng, Chief Researcher and Director of the Center for Northeast Asian Studies, Mao Jing, Director of International Cooperation Department, and Shi Xianze, Deputy Director of the Center for European Studies about Ukrainian crisis, China-European relations, and China-United States relations, etc.


Belío believes that the Ukraine issue and China-EU trade friction have become the two biggest factors affecting China-EU relations. Regarding the former, Belío said the results of the European Parliament election will not change Europe's approach and policy of supporting Ukraine. Spain expects China to play a constructive role in the Ukraine crisis.


As for the current trade friction between China and the EU, all participants agreed that trade issues should not fall into the trap of politicization and weaponization, and both sides should make efforts to avoid escalation of friction.