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Pakistan's Military Attaché to China Ghulam Mustafa Visits GVI



Grandview Institution 2024.03.26 18:40 Beijing


On March 26, 2024, Brigadier Ghulam Mustafa, Pakistan’s Defense & Army Attaché to China, visited GVI and held productive discussions with Ren Libo, President and Founder, He An, Secretary General and Director of the Center for South Asian Studies, Liu Xiaobo, Director of the Center for Maritime Studies, Yi Wushuang, Researcher of the Center for Maritime Studies, and Yang Xiaotong, Head of Research of the Department of International Cooperation of GVI. Discussions centered on issues such as the South China Sea, the trilateral relations between China, Pakistan, and India, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, etc. 


Mr. Mustafa said that both the Balochistan Liberation Army and the Pakistani Taliban are targets for public accusation because they attack Pakistani and Chinese citizens indiscriminately. Protecting the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is not difficult for Pakistan, as the terrorists were killed on the spot in the recent terrorist attacks. However, Pakistan still needs China's aid because these terrorist groups are covertly supported or sheltered by Pakistan's neighbors. China can continue to talk to these countries and pressure them to hand over the terrorists so that they can be duly punished. Besides, China can also provide some technical support to Pakistan, for example, in the field of drones, where Pakistan is still lagging for the time being. Drones, which can perform both reconnaissance and strike missions, are crucial for his country to win the war on terror in Balochistan.