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GVI Launches Report New German Government's China Policy and Options for Action



On March 2nd, the Grandview Institution(GVI) held the publishing event of New German Government’s China Policy and Options for Action. GVI’s president Ren Libo moderated the event and Rudolf Scharping, former chairman of Social Democratic Party of Germany introduced the report to the audience. Yu Yunquan, President of Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies, Wang Jianbin, professor from Beijing Foreign Studies University, Xiong Wei, professor from China Foreign Affairs University, and Segio Grassi, chief representative of Friedrich Ebert Foundation and delegation from Chinese state and private enterprises attended the event as guests.


The construction of Sino-German relations should be widely placed on all classes and all fields, so that each individual can feel the existence of China and the meaning of China’s existence to them. Even though China and Germany have many fundamental differences, we should not fear the differences, we should depict China in an all-round way, not a hasty generalization, Sharping said.


Due to the deteriorated relationship between China and the U.S., the global pandemic, and the impact of the Russia-Ukraine War, seeking for common ground while preserving differences, mutual respect, and Win-Win Cooperation are key factors for the stable and sustainable development for Sino-German relations, the guests said.



The guests also said that the Sino-German relations is not just a bilateral relation, the relation between the two countries has deeply affected the trajectory of the future world. China and Germany can enrich the cooperation mode, not only to influence politics in a economic way, but also in a political and a humanistic way. We should let more people tell the Chinese stories, so as to let the world understand China and eliminate the misunderstanding.


Chinese and German markets are highly dependent on each other. Even under the Covid conditions in 2022, China-German bilateral trade volumes still reached a record level. Representatives from the enterprises hoped that China can have more cooperation with Germany on machinery innovation, low carbon development, new energy, AI and other fields.


Using peaceful efforts to resolve conflict, standing against nuclear weapons, keeping the industrial chain and supply chain stable, and strengthening the cooperation on energy, food, financial industry and preventing humanitarian disaster are the key points for China and Germany on both the international and bilateral field.


New German Government’s China Policy and Options for Action is a joint research project by the Grandview Institution and Rudolf Scharping Consulting Company, it aims to analyze the trajectory of the Sino-German relations after the new German government took office and bring related countermeasure suggestions, and to clarify the prospect and potential of the German-Sino relations. Based on this, the Grandview Institution and Rudolf Scharping Consulting Company will open constructive discussion and build deep efficient and stable strategic partnership. The related research will explore the common interests for future cooperation, and not avoid differences and divergence.