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UK Defence Attaché Visits GVI




On 19th October, MJ BLACKBURN MA BSc, Air Commodore at British Embassy to China, and Thomas Burn, First Secretary at Political Department visited Grandview Institution (GVI) and had a friendly lunch with Ouyang Wei, Vice-director of Academic Committee and Director of Center for Defense Studies at GVI, Ren Libo, President of GVI, and Feng Weihua, Vice-president of GVI. The two sides exchanged views on the new British government's policy towards China, the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Russia-Ukraine conflict.


The British side said the report of the 20th Communist Party Congress maintained a coherent stance, generally in line with external expectations, and its formulation of foreign policy objectives and other elements have been reflected in China's foreign policy in recent years.


The British side is very concerned about China's presentation of the security field and is very interested in how China defines security and global security, what role China wants to play in global security, and how China views the global impact of regional conflicts. Chinese experts pointed out that China has gone beyond the narrow concept of security in the past and proposed the concept of overall security and comprehensive security, believing that national security is the foundation of national rejuvenation and social stability is the prerequisite for national strength. It is necessary to unswervingly implement the overall national security concept, and to maintain national security throughout all aspects and processes of the work of the Party and the State to ensure national security and social stability.