Dialogue Series on China-India Relations: New Dynamics in India-China Relations:Implications for the Indo Pacific/Asia Pacific
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On 26th November, Grandview Institution (Beijing) held a video conference under the framework of Dialogue Series on China-India relations, with the theme of New Dynamics in India-China Relations: Implications for the Indo Pacific/Asia Pacific


The panelists discussed four sessions:

1.    Have there been fundamental changes (rather than temporary and tactical changes) in India-China relations in the past few years? How do we explain those changes? What can India and China do to improve their ties at the strategic level?

2.    How does China view India’s strategic and security policy in recent years? What does China expect from India? How could China revise its own policy for the purpose of improving relations with India?

3.    What kind of Indo-Pacific or Asia-Pacific regional order does India prefer? What role can India play in such an order? How would the India-China relationship look like in such a regional order?

4.    How does China view the Indo Pacific? What is China’s blueprint for a regional order in the Asia Pacific or Indo Pacific?